*NEW*Quality and Safety Scheme (Wales)

Dear Pharmacist As part of the Quality and Safety Scheme, pharmacies are required to complete a High Risk Medicines information survey. This involves providing information on the number of patients whose prescriptions were dispensed in the pharmacy during a specified time period based on certain conditions outlined in the link below: Quality and Safety […]

*Updated* Important Message – Changes to SNOMED concept IDs

Dear Pharmacist, The NHS Business Services Authority have made changes to existing VMP SNOMED codes which are used for electronic prescribing. Due to the code changes, some prescribing systems may still be issuing electronic prescriptions using the inactive VMP SNOMED codes in the near future. What this means is that any affected products will not […]

EPS Phase 4 now live

EPS Phase 4 now live All dispensers need to be aware that they could now receive an EPS Phase 4 token from a patient. GP practices can now use EPS for patients without a nomination, with patients receiving a Phase 4 token with a scannable barcode instead of a signed FP10. All four GP system […]